It’s probably easiest if we introduce ourselves FAQ style. So read on, and if you have any other questions you can send us an email! (Check the “Contact” section on the navigation bar.)

What’s with the name? Am I a BAM?

BAM! Because once you get swept up in our silly, encouraging wake, you won’t know what hit you. And also, Bad Ass Mamas…or Mavens, if you prefer. Or some other M-word (Masterpiece? Mischief-Maker?) of your choosing. In truth, a lot of us probably feel not-particularly badass, so the name is a reminder that we ARE strong and capable, and some days just getting the work of our lives done IS a feat of daring. It is also a gentle reminder that the value of our strength (of body, mind, and spirit) and courage means far more than whether our outsides look like the airbrushed bodies on magazine covers. And in case there was any doubt, a BAM could totally take a MILF in a fight.

Who is BAMstrength?

We are an informal, growing group of women committed to staying fit and strong, encouraging one another, and laughing a lot while we do it. We like long walks on the beach, re-writing popular songs into silly oblivion, squats, learning new things, and any workout shirt that manages to remain funk-free after washing. Also: food.

Who started it?

Ruth, Linda, and Sarah met on Twitter. No, really. When we realized that we shared a common frustration of needing accountability to stay on a fitness plan, we committed to doing a 30-day strength challenge together. After just a few days, we realized that sharing this plan was just too good to keep to ourselves, so we invited other women to join us, and BAM! Just like that, a community was born.

I follow you on Twitter and I am confused. What is with all the pineapples?

Ah yes. It all started two years ago when Sarah’s kindergartener came home with a new word she learned at school. Let’s say that Sarah was kind of 🍍ing pissed that her six year old had learned the 🍍-bomb. The usage caught on like wildfire in the BAMosphere. We’re really 🍍ing sorry about the language.

Somebody said something about a BAM Buddy?

In January 2016, as we embarked on a year of being intentional about setting and reaching some goals, any BAM looking for a little extra accountability to stay on-task was assigned a BAM buddy. Some BAM buddy partnerships are separated by a timezone and some are continents away, but no matter the distance, the goal remains the same: helping to keep their buddy moving toward their goal.

How do I get a buddy?

Just shoot us a message on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll get you hooked up!

I heard something about a flag?

The traveling BAMflag gets packed up and sent to any BAM who is about to embark on something epic. (It is often accompanied by chocolate.) So far, the flag has been to the Great Wall of China, the top of Kilimanjaro, commemorated the birth of a child, traveled the staircase to the top of the tallest building in Seattle, and waved at the finish line of numerous races across the US and around the world.

Once the BAM has completed her feat of derring-do, she snaps a selfie, signs the flag, writes an entry in the pineapple journal, then sends it on to the next BAM on the list. Our current flag will circulate until the new year, after which it enjoy a lavish retirement ceremony and will be replaced by a brand new BAMstrength flag.

So, what is the BAMstrength end game?

World domination. (Kinda.) Our goal is to keep growing and evolving with the needs of our participants. Almost two years ago, we began by offering monthly challenges to participate in, along with encouragement and some fun contests and giveaways. Starting in September 2016, our focus will shift away from the monthly challenges toward building up our online home here on this website. The goal is always to foster a safe place for an encouraging, engaged community.

As BAMstrength has evolved, many of us have taken our online friendships offline, meeting up in real life. BAMs are beginning to meet in person for a drink, for breakfast, for a workout, for a race, and even for the occasional vacation! These real life friendships have been one of the best things to come out of BAMstrength so far, and we look forward to seeing more of them.

When we dream big, we imagine BAMs as remote training partners who travel to do a race together, we see new friendships blossoming, we see support for women who are trying to reach new goals, and we hope–BAMapalooza–a chance for a big group of us to gather for a weekend of fun and fitness, preferably somewhere tropical, but we’re flexible on the climate.

Can anyone join?

Of course! The more the merrier. Bring your friends. Bring your mom. Bring your babysitter or that one co-worker who wants to know why you are always snickering at your phone. We want to keep the BAMstrength doors wide open to newcomers. Our goal is inclusivity, not exclusivity. We have all probably had that moment of walking into a room of strangers and feeling awkward, waiting for someone to say hello and explain the secret handshake. In BAMstrength, beyond our obscure love of pineapples emojis, we hope to always remain approachable and safe.

And badass, of course.

It goes without saying, we are big believers in this motto: Wake up. Be badass. Be Kind. Repeat.

Now go kick some ass. (Kindly.)