Healthy Soul

How can you be truly fit if your spirit is in the dumpster?

This page will give you reason to laugh, or at least smile inside a tiny corner of your soul.

We will share ideas to help your soul refresh and rejuvenate, and we will have a LOT of fun because we are really really funny.

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Meditation is Like Kale

It’s true. Meditation is like kale. It’s hard to get used to, and it’s good for you!

Did you know that regular mediation can not only help you deal with stress and boost your mental power, but can also improve your immune system and even prevent genetic damage?

Click here to check out this article from Business Insider to see more on why meditation is good for your body, your mind, AND your spirit.

And, if you’re the type of person who fidgets, can really settle for the length of time you think is needed to meditate, and have an inside voice that says, “It’s good for you and I should try it but it’s hard and I won’t be able to do it but I really should try but what if I can’t and oh look at that squirrel!” then we have help for you.

Thanks to one of our San Fran BAMs (Liz Kreuger) for sending us this article (click here) from the New York Times on how to meditate – it even includes some sample meditations. We also like apps for your smartphone, like Headspace.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Posted September 9, 2016


When BAMs Get Together

Remember that time when our BAMs met for the very first time in Seattle, WA to run a very wet and cold 5K? We do. In many ways, it was the highlight of 2015. So BAMily reunions work, people. We encourage you all to try it an any opportunity. If there’s an event in your city and you can get a couple (or one) BAM to go with you, DO IT. If you need support or help to achieve a goal, ASK BAM. If you want to share something you’re proud of, TELL US. It’s not bragging, it’s celebrating with BAMily.

Posted August 31, 2016